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At 7E Wellness we aim to provide the best microcurrent machines to health, wellness and beauty professionals worldwide for skin mind and body fitness.

In recent years there has been a shift toward holistic approaches to beauty and wellbeing in place of invasive and surgical procedures. 7E Wellness supports aestheticians, weight-loss centers, medical spas and spa owners by providing education, training & ongoing innovative protocols with our FDA-cleared, non-invasive products. Our philosophy is to deliver results working on the core issue from inside out. We pioneer in microcurrent technology delivering unique result-oriented treatment protocols for stress reduction, hormonal balancing as well as skin therapy at the same time. 

For more information about 7E Wellness, visit their website.

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Boulevard was founded with the fundamental belief that personal care should be convenient for all. Our mission is to maximize potential for salons and spas, as well as the clients they serve.

Developed in collaboration with industry-leading owners and operators, our personal care BMP solution was carefully designed to drive revenue, automate workflows, and convert customers from visitors into valuable, long-term clients. By facilitating a personalized experience across every interaction, Boulevard’s technology empowers salons and spas to thrive.

We’re a venture-backed startup based in Los Angeles at the intersection of luxury and lifestyle. We are thoughtfully unapologetic about challenging the status quo to empower people to become the best version of themselves. We use technology, design, and style to unleash the untapped potential in all of us and drive the results that matter. 

We’re crafting the future of personal care, and we’re just getting started. Join us. 


For more information about Boulevard, visit their website.

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Cannabidiols are a composite of more than 113 compounds found in the Cannabis species that perform specific functions in the Endo-Cannabinoid system.  By creating a product that activates the plant molecules to find the endo-receptors on the cells of the skin, in order to go to work and "make improvements" by healing unhealthy cells and regenerating skin cells, we have provided the fast track to healthy, glowing skin anyone can feel good about! When you add to the idea that our products are naturally sourced from a plant known to produce 4 times the oxygen of any other plant on the planet, and the only plant that will remediate toxins from the soil, it makes absolute sense that Cannatera is a groundbreaking product that not only will make the consumer feel good about their face, but the environment and planet their purchases will impact in the bigger picture of growing more hemp, to produce more oil, to manufacture more natural skincare products like Cannatera.

For more information about Cannatera, visit their website.

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Circadia professional skincare is based on the skin and body’s natural circadian rhythms. Chronobiology, the science of defending skin from environmental damage during the day, and stimulating internal repair mechanisms during sleep, is at the core of our concept.  

Circadia’s formulations combine pure botanicals, stem cells, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide technology to achieve optimal skin health and beauty. The specialty treatment products utilize these technologies to address a multitude of skin conditions, including aging, acne, dehydration, pigmentation, and rosacea. 

To learn more about Circadia, visit their website.

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Professional Clinical Skincare Since 1997

Control Corrective Skincare Systems is all about transformation. Our purpose is twofold – first to attain results and then to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. Offering comprehensive, collection-based skincare with a deep problem/solution focus. Control Corrective formulas deliver clinical skincare results in practical and accessible way. Whether you have cystic acne, dark spots, rosacea/sensitive skin, or mature, we have products that can help.

An important aspect to our skincare products is quality, consistency and professionalism. All of our formulas have been tested for efficacy, and the active ingredients are extensively researched for true potency and results. We take great pride that we adhere to GMP standards, we do not test on animals, and are completely paraben-free.

To learn more about Control Corrective Skincare, visit their website.

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DermaplanePro is the leader in dermaplaning certification classes, tools, supplies and support in the United States and around the world. Students who receive their Certification in Dermaplaning from DermaplanePro are further advanced in knowledge and technique as they complete a two-tiered course that focuses a full day on hands-on experience.

DermaplanePro was founded in Arizona by Rikki Kusy. Renowned for her training, Rikki believes learning is experiential as well as didactic. She created the course to be interesting, student involved, and provide a gradual learning approach for greater retention.

We support all skin care lines and back bars while offering the finest surgical grade blades and medical grade products. As leaders in the field and always researching, DermaplanePro assures clients that they are receiving the highest quality education, tools, skin care products and supplies available.

For more information about DermaplanePro, visit their website.

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With over 20 years developing leading-edge clinical skin care, our brands feature the largest selection of clinical-grade skin resurfacing treatments you will find.  Dermastart Brands has over 20 specialized professional peels to address acne, hyperpigmentation, elasticity, collagen, lines, sun damage, and more. Our products are always responsibly sourced, ethically created and never tested on animals.

For more information about Dermastart, visit their website.

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Twenty years ago, Altair Instruments created the very first crystal-free skin exfoliation system, the NewApeel® featuring the DiamondTome wand. Our diamond-tipped wand and non-invasive technique has become today's industry standard.

We believe quality above all is the cornerstone of great products. We created crystal free microdermabrasion more than 20 years ago in the belief that a diamond-tipped wand is better for the health and well being of the client, professional, and environment. As a women-owned and operated company, we know the importance of good health and mental wellness. We aim to empower women through body positivity, you will look good and, more importantly, feel amazing.

DiamondTome, celebrating 20 years of beautiful skin.

To learn more about DiamondTome, visit their website.


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Eminence Organic Skin Care, an award-winning provider of the most effective, professional skin care products, is sold in leading spas in 50+ countries worldwide. A pioneer of the organic skin care movement, Eminence blends more than 60 years of herbal craftsmanship, innovative skin rejuvenation techniques unique to Hungary, and hand-picked ingredients to craft premium natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care that is good for the skin and good for the earth. Eminence is proud to be a Certified B Corporation®, the leaders of the global movement using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, held to rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency for our employees, our community and our customers. Eminence has been voted “Favorite Skin Care Line” for 10 consecutive years by spa professionals and has devoted celebrity fans including Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, and Chris Hemsworth. Eminence plants a tree for every retail product sold!


To learn more about Eminence, visit their website.

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FOREO Sweden offers a new standard of beauty and wellness solutions, from the award-winning facial cleansing brushes in its LUNA line to inventing a new way to mask with UFO. FOREO's 100% waterproof, fully customizable, body-safe silicone devices are ultra-hygienic and convenient, featuring eye-catching Swedish design and a long-lasting battery life. As the spa industry shifts more toward overall wellness and self-care, FOREO continues to position itself as an expert by offering top-notch innovations that simplify daily rituals and improve well-being.

For more information about FOREO, visit their website.

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Hilton (NYSE: HLT) is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 17 world-class brands comprising more than 5,900 properties with nearly 939,000 rooms, in 114 countries and territories. Dedicated to fulfilling its mission to be the world’s most hospitable company, Hilton earned a spot on the 2018 world’s best workplaces list, and has welcomed more than 3 billion guests in its nearly 100-year history. Through the award-winning guest loyalty program, Hilton Honors, 94 million members who book directly with Hilton can earn Points for hotel stays and experiences money can't buy, plus enjoy instant benefits, including digital check-in with room selection, Digital Key, and Connected Room. Visit newsroom.hilton.com for more information, and connect with Hilton on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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Hutchinson Consulting is proud to share decades of combined experience in staffing, launching and operating successful businesses. We have cultivated an impressive database of more than 20,000 qualified management candidates and possess the most up to date salary data available. Our partner clients include a wide variety of award-winning hotels, resorts, spas, and senior living communities. Additionally, we have client partners within the wellness arenas of health care, community development, real estate and more. With our guidance, we save our clients time and money while forging an innovative path forward.

For more information about Hutchinson Consulting, visit their website.

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Our Story: As spa owners, we want what’s best for our customers. Over the years, our guests would come to us to treat skin conditions they’d struggled with for a long time. And we noticed a pattern. When we replaced harsh and irritating chemicals with simple plant-based ingredients in their skincare routines, their skin would improve and become vibrant. We made a commitment to create only clean, natural skincare with organic ingredients for our spa, our families, and ourselves. Today we offer our products to you: skincare you can trust to give you PURE. SIMPLE. BEAUTY.

Our Mission: Your skin is complicated, but your skincare shouldn’t be. At JL ESSENCIALS, we believe that beauty products don’t need to be filled with harsh chemicals to be effective; they should instead be simple, gentle, and safe. So we focus on restoring and maintaining the natural balance of healthy skin, blending pure botanicals and organic ingredients into products that leave skin feeling and looking healthy and vitalized. We want you to trust your skincare, love your skin, and feel nurtured by nature.

For more information about JL Essentials, visit their website.

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Founded by Swedish-born Kerstin Florian in 1978, Kerstin Florian International has built a spa wellness lifestyle brand based on the philosophy that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health.

Inspired by healing natural resources and European spa tradition, the family-run, California-based company promotes a true intention of wellness in a person’s daily life through products, services and lifestyle practices based on four cornerstones of wellness: Proper Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Peace of Mind and Care of Face & Body.

Kerstin Florian’s modern holistic approach integrates the best of natural ingredients, advanced technologies and global wellness traditions to offer clean botanically-based products, introduced professionally then integrated into a personal lifestyle program, that ensure noticeable results and wellbeing that radiates from within.

As a result of its history of quality and dedication to wellness, Kerstin Florian is partnered with the finest luxury resort and destination spas in more than 35 countries worldwide.

For more information about Kerstin Florian, visit their website.

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Born out of love and botanicals, planted in Sonoma County, and grown by women for over twenty-five years. A manufacturer of aromatherapy and botanical personal care products, our team has been on the leading edge of producing quality formulas for spas, brands, boutiques, and entrepreneurs, as well as beauty, wellness, and medical professionals through wholesale and private label channels. We source our organic and wild-crafted ingredients from local farms and trusted suppliers to hand-craft each product fresh to order!

Visit www.kmherbals.com to explore our full selection – including aromatherapy, skincare, body care, hair care, massage, women’s, men’s, baby, and wellness lines.

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Love of the outdoors (skiing, hiking, snowboarding etc.) was the inspiration for Lacuna Botanicals.  Whether in the city or in the mountains, our bodies take a beating every day. From sore joints to dry skin and everything in between, we felt there had to be a natural alternative to prescription opiates and silicon/petroleum-based skin care products that have flooded the market. Like many people, we’ve tried numerous products, with most never quite getting the job done. In response, we started Lacuna Botanicals with the mission of creating the best all natural products we could. We meticulously source the highest quality ingredients locally and from around the world.  

Working with massage therapists in Colorado’s top ski destinations and spas, we developed the world’s first purpose-built CBD infused massage cream, Deep Tissue in 2015.   Rather than just a simple lotion with CBD in it, Deep Tissue was designed from the ground up as a massage powerhouse with over a dozen pain-relieving essential oils, plant terpenes and CBD from finest quality Colorado hemp we grow ourselves.  Since 2015, we’ve developed a complete portfolio of the industry’s most innovative premium CBD spa products and are rapidly expanding to work with spas across the country.   Give our products a try, we’re sure you’ll love them! 

To learn more about Lacuna Botanicals, visit their website.

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Medicine Women Health Consulting is an integrative health care company that combines alternative healing therapies with powerful new protocols, including Cannabinoid Therapy, Meridian Energy Analysis (MEA), Full-Body Cleanses and targeted Plant-Based Enzyme Treatments.

Stacy J. Shymansky, the Founder and CEO of Medicine Women Health Consulting, is a Certified Medical Cannabis Expert (MCE). She is also is a Supporting Member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM). 

Stacy in an Affiliate Member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), and is a Community Liaison for Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a non-profit organization for Medical Cannabis patients based in Washington, DC.

Medicine Women’s Protocols and Wellness Programs have successfully alleviated symptoms related to Cancer, Auto-Immune Diseases and Neurological Conditions, as well as providing overall ¬Health Rejuvenation and Homeostasis.

Through her healing programs and protocols, Stacy is grateful to be able to make a difference in people’s lives and affect positive change in our society.

For more information about Medicine Women, visit their website.

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My Absolute Beauty is dedicated to bringing the best in products and training. We have searched and tested each product to build a reliable lasting service.

My Absolute Beauty takes pride in our products and back them up guaranteeing the outcome to be a business success. We have partner distributors across the US creating local support points and retail shopping to allow hands on comfort.

We have taken these products and paired them with the industry top trainers in their field of expertise to create the best in ongoing support and training catered to each student’s needs.

Our training models are online as well as in-person creating a learning environment catered to your schedule.

We issue training certificates that are backed by each product manufacture making our system exclusive to the needs of cosmetologist and estheticians across the US.

For more information about My Absolute Beauty, visit their website.

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Founded in 2002, Noel Asmar Uniforms is a women-owned, purpose-driven brand that is authentic, empowering and dares to be different. Empowering spa and wellness professionals with style and function is what drives us. We believe in quality, timeless design and purpose, which also drives our sustainability strategy. 

After 16 years, Noel continues to explore new ideas and lead in the next generation of uniform concepts. Her continued commitment to empower people through apparel is expressed not only through her uniforms, but also in her personal achievements and involvement in the spa and hospitality industries. Noel has served on the Board of Directors for the International Spa Association (ISPA) for six years, and was selected to uniform the Canadian Equestrian Team for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. She has also expanded her brand with the launch of her contemporary Equestrian Apparel label, Asmar Equestrian, in 2011. Her designs have garnered international acclaim, features in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, while her continuous pursuit to innovate and create has led her to be recognized as one of Canada's Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs. 

Noel is married, a mother to three young children ranging in ages 7-14 and has founded four successful brands during her time as a mother. Noel is an avid supporter of other women balancing family and careers, and boasts a 97% female staff.

Uniform categories include: Men's and women's tunics, suiting, athleisure, sustainable fabrics, faux-linen, beauty & resort uniforms that are Made For The Way You Move®. 

For more information about Noel Asmar, visit their website.

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Oakworks Inc, a manufacturing company of spa and medical equipment for more than 40 years, celebrates Women in Wellness with the patented Adjustable Breast Comfort (ABC) technology. The inventor Rebecca Savich is honored to be in attendance to gather amongst so many of the women who’s lives have been changed by this innovation.

For more information about Oakworks, visit their website.

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The mission of Saian Skincare is to be true to the professional esthetics industry. Loyalty is something that money can't buy, and we stand behind our promise No minimum order, free samples for estheticians, and no Amazon sales. Our workshop classes and seminars promote a well-rounded educational curriculum, encompassing topical treatments, equipment knowledge, ingredient knowledge, and nutrition. 100% female owned and operated, staffed by licensed estheticians. Skincare is our passion.


To learn more about Saian Natural Clinical Skin Care, visit their website.

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We are a sustainable, vegan beauty brand based on the rituals of self-care. We craft spa-quality body care, nail care, and Slow Beauty Rituals for the spa-goer and spa professional. Founded by Shel Pink in 2004, we have been committed to creating clean, vegan beauty formulations. Our products and programs are designed to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment, and set in motion the return to a state of wholeness. We develop Slow Beauty Rituals for the world’s leading spas and their professional therapists to use in treatment. The SPARITUAL products you use at home for your self-care practices are trusted and loved by the most adept wellness experts from around the world. Find us at fine resorts and spas, as well as clean beauty retailers, including the Detox Market and Pharmaca.

For more information about SPARITUAL, visit their website.

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Universal Companies is the leading single-source supplier to more than 35,000 clients in the spa and wellness industry, offering a wide variety of products, supplies, equipment, and education to help professionals manage and grow their businesses. Business is good when their businesses are better. Since 1982, we’ve been helping owners and customers alike not only obtain what they need, but find their own roadmap to what they’re looking for. Our passion is service. We teach others, share our knowledge, and share our products. Our customers come first. They always have, and they always will.


To find out more about Universal Companies, please call 800-558-5571 or visit their website


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When Tara Grodjesk started her company years ago, her dream was to offer the purest, most health-sustaining products possible. She named the company TARA, not after her personally, but in celebration of Tara the Goddess, who came to earth as a star. As the first physical manifestation of the Divine Mother, she represents the universal feminine energy that resides in each of us. The essence of Tara is nourishing, compassionate, inclusive and embracing - all the qualities she hoped the company would reflect. What better name to invoke the timeless wisdom of the Divine Mother and to honor the divinity that resides within?

For more than 25 years, TARA's integrated wellness solutions and authentic products have been offered in the finest spas. And while Grodjesk has been known as the "Ayurveda Lady" for her role in introducing Ayurvedic healing traditions to the American spa industry, the company has evolved into so much more than that today. In addition to it's celebrated Ayurvedic treatments, TARA Spa Therapy continues to break new ground in holistic healing modalities. It is always evolving with new TARA products and services, but some things will never change: its commitment to offering products of unparalleled quality, its attention to beautiful, eco-positive packaging, and the integrity with which it approaches the business and its customers. Now, with its new Living Wellness initiative, there has never been a better time to integrate TARA products into your wellness lifestyle.

For more information about TARA Spa Therapy, visit their website.